Photographic Images from Historic Route 66

Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California

john nakata and charlene fischer

For all of you who want to experience the full spectrum of America, Route 66 is for you. Use the ribbon of highway as a "guide" taking you from the glitz of big cities to small-town America. Eat at the old diners and restaurants, talk to the locals, but above all stop and explore. Have a wonderful trip. We offer some additional tips

Twenty Route 66 images have been made into greeting cards. For photo locations along the route see map. To preview the entire set see the Greeting Card Home Page To preview a set of archival Route 66 prints

All my Route 66 cards and archival prints are on sale at the Route 66 Mother Road Museum in Barstow, California.

Start with the first topic, the remainder of the collection is SEQUENTIALLY LINKED.

New Topic Description
Route 66 signs
Anything with 66 on it.
Restored old cars and Hot Rods.
Old Signs
Greyhound Bus, Rock Shop, Coca Cola, Meadow Gold
Old 66
Abandoned alignments in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona
Current signs
Highway signs
Cars and Trucks
Old and older
Old Billboards
Budweiser, Zephyr Gas, Coca Cola, Rock Shop
Architectural elements
Walls, windows and doors
Gas stations
Old pumps, signs and structures
Ernie and Frances, Bill Shea, "The Tree Man", Route 66 traveler
Old buildings
Wood, rock and metal structures
Depot, box cars, abandoned tracks
Related Route 66 stuff
Memorabilia collage, Old 66 pavement, Phillips 66 sign
Side trips
Gateway Arch, Sandia Tramway, Grand Canyon, Topock Maze
Car, Gas Station, Signs and Windows
New shots in CA
Route 66 logo near Amboy

State Preview, all sequentially linked

New Flag State Description
Pig Hip, Shea's memorabilia, mural, Route 66 banner
Electric plant, manhole cover, Ozark Motel, wooden garage
Galena Museum, peeling paint, 66 road art, old bridge
Coleman Theater, stone wall, wall decoration, brick sidewalk
U-Drop-Inn, gas station pump, Cadillac Ranch, diner
New Mexico
Big Dipper, crumbling structure, Landon Store, El Rancho Hotel
Demolition of old motel, Wigwam Motel, Santa Fe sign, 66 road art
Old historic motels, gas station, grafitti covered building
Other sites
Links to other Route 66 related sites. Under construction

Published Images

These images are available for use by print, multimedia and web publishers. Files up to 25+ Megabytes / image can be delivered by FTP, and through the mail by ZIP or CD-ROM.

View Publisher Image used Delivery method
Thumbnail image
Motor Tend Magazine
Selection of images
Uploaded as attachments
Thumbnail image in collaboration with the
Austin American-Statesman Newspaper
Cadillac Ranch
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100 images
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Corbis Images
33 Images
Originals with delivery memo

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