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Rolling Mountain Thunder Monument

Rolling Mountain Thunder is the artist and builder of Thunder Mountain
Indian Monument. He changed his name from Frank Dean Van Zant to Rolling
Mountain Thunder when he started building this Monument in 1968. Thunder was
born in 1921 and served his country in World War II. He had a long career in law
enforcement and retired with a service related disability at age 48. Thunder was
one quarter Creek Indian but his heart was 100% Native America.

The Monument was built with one purpose in mind, to illustrate and communicate
the plight of the Native American Indian. There are over 200 sculptures of
Indians. If you look closer and allow yourself to open your heart and mind you
will begin to understand the message he wanted to convey. The Monument is
constructed of materials scavenged from a 50 mile radius. Over the years his
acquisitions were cemented together to create a three-story, 4,500 square
foot building.

Thunder Mountain Monument became a Nevada State Historic Site in 1992 but its
future remains uncertain. The oldest son of Rolling Mountain Thunder is the owner
and caretaker. His goal is to find a non-profit entity to take ownership of the
Monument. In the meantime he will continue to maintain and improve the
Monument supplemented by the kind donations from visitors. Donations may
be sent to: Thunder Mountain Monument, P.O. Box 162, Imlay, Nevada 89418

---Dan Van Zant (Son of Rolling Mountain Thunder) ©2003

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